Week 4


During this past week you have hopefully taken the time to connect each morning or at the very least a few times this week. Congratulations on stepping into this new practice. Important to remember that when you do any new practice it is consistent action that creates results. You don't necessarily walk into a gym all muscular and fit, you work toward that goal with practice and consistent effort. So it is with Connecting to your Self. 

This week we want to take you a step further in developing your ability to listen to, trust and act from your Self when you Connect. You will want to take one area of your life that you are dealing with a particular challenge in and choose from one of the connections below. We've found in our experience that most issues or challenges fit into one of four areas — relationships, finances, health and wellbeing or career.  


After you have identified this one particular area or challenge you have you want to get out your notebook or paper and take 2-3 minutes to write down every thought you currently have about that area. The fear, worry, concerns you have, how you think it is going or not going, what others are saying...anything and everything that comes to mind about this area. This will give you a clear experience of what the energy is around this area from the Minds point of view. Just write those things down and put it aside when you are done.


At least three times this week you will want to connect on this specific area and this area only for the sake of this particular exercise. You can and will connect to many areas as you move forward but stay in this one area this week to see what arises from your Connections. Listen to this first introduction at least once below before you begin.


Now that you have your area choose from one of the four connections below to work with this week. You will have access to all of these at anytime in the future but stay with the one for this week. The more you stay with this one area this week the clearer it will become for you in hearing your intuitive Self versus your Mind. Be patient and use the feedback form below to send in notes about your experience and ask questions about what you got or experienced in your Connections.




Shift in Awareness

Given the complex dynamics of living life today, having real peace has become a priority for us in living a healthy and fulfilling life. The day-to-day living of life … just on our job for example, produces enormous amounts of stress.

A Shift in Awareness is a practice that reduces stress and even increases our ability to have more peace under any and all situations.

Consider that currently we live life from our Mind, which is always focused on the journey ahead of us. The Mind tells us who we are and what we should be doing with our life. It shapes our life by keeping the following questions ongoing in our thoughts:

Will we have what we want and need?
Will we be able to have what’s important to us?

Will we achieve our ‘dreams’? 
Will we have the money we need? 

Are we doing the right thing to assure our happiness in life? 

Given that the Mind is always in ‘survival-mode’, it can’t let go of these questions. The ongoing thoughts from our Mind not only cause more stress, but they become the filter/lens that we experience our lives through. We therefore spend our life attempting to answer and fulfill these questions. In doing so we become disconnected from the real source of happiness in our life. 

Not commonly known as a source for answers, there is another part of us that we can live from that creates another experience of life – ourSelf. The filter/lens of our Self is the intuitive part of us that is different from our Mind. Our Self assures that what is occurring is unfolding our best life and allows us to access the  ‘inner knowing’ about what is happening. This ‘inner knowing’ houses all there is for us to know that will have our lives unfold with what will bring us the most joy and happiness. It provides us with answers rather than raising unanswered questions.  

A Shift in Awareness is the shift from your Mind to your Self.

You can practice knowing that you have a Mind as well as a Self and in that moment choose to go to your Self for answers. In that moment, all of what the Mind knows as real, shifts into the background and a new awareness of real peace arises as we affirm ‘All is Well’.

As you practice a Shift in Awareness, life becomes lighter and easier as you become more at peace, disengaged from the Mind’s chatter.

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