In this week’s video I talk about how your mind has ‘beliefs’ and ‘truths’
that shape the results you have in your life.

I share with you how these are confirmed by your past events in your life. 


This week video addresses the core of your practice – the 4 step video training.

In this video I go through how this process is key to beginning to become
aware of your mind and your intuitive Self as different parts of you.


Week of September 4, 2017

Click on the video below and listen to Rose share how Connecting
gave her a new sense of freedom. You can hear in her share it’s impact,
it’s power and it’s reward.



Let’s talk about how your membership can support you in having the life you want. 

Seeing your mind’s conversations is ‘foreign’ from the way you currently live life.
As such the INDIRA membership is designed to be interactive.

It is only from your sharing can I give you the input and guidance to train
you in seeing the difference between your mind and your Self.

This week
1) Go through the Connection process at least once,  
2) Write down what occurred,  
3) Post it on the Community Forum

You see, your mind, is always having a conversation with you about ‘everything’ – 
including how to participate in your membership. Your following the guidance
I am giving you is what WILL intervene in how your mind works.

Your mind is also waiting for you to give up and live from how your mind sees you and your life.
It is only by putting Connecting into your week AND getting guidance from me will you begin to see your life alter.

Together we can create the life you want. I am here with and for you every step of the way.

Click on the link below and let me know what’s happening for you.