YOU: A Spiritual Being On A Spiritual Journey,
a New Paradigm for Living Life

Before I discovered Connecting, I was just like you, looking for the answers to what would make my life better.

I read a lot of self-help books searching for the answers to Who am I? and  Why am I here? While these books helped me, I still felt there was more to life but I couldn’t pinpoint what that meant. It was just a strong gut feeling that wouldn’t go away and kept driving me in search of the answers to those questions.

When I discovered Connecting, my whole life changed. I finally understood that the answers to Who I am and Why I am here came from my intuitive Self. Knowing that so many of us are seeking for a deeper understand about our life, I was compelled to share what I discovered. That is why I decided to write this book.


In my book YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey I share with you the journey of the mind and the journey of the intuitive Self.

You see, what I discovered is that we live our life from our mind as who we are when where we actually get the answers that will fulfill our life is from our intuitive Self.

You’ll get an understanding of how from Conception to Death our lives are really set up for us to live a truly remarkable and fulfilling life from our Self.

The practice that allows us to live this life is called - Connecting.

My book is a guide for you to experience your intuitive Self.

With links to MP3 exercises and guided audios discover your life as a journey to be who you really are - A Spiritual Being on A Spiritual Journey.

I deeply appreciate those who have shared
their experience of reading my book.

Can’t imagine life without THIS. Absolute must read for any human being and any moment of their life.
I started reading this book and am already seeing wonderful effects! Right from the first chapter.
This is a phenomenal book.
Indira has a uniquely different approach in her book that is truly life altering.
A must read for all human beings.

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