Welcome to the power of Connecting. 

Connecting is a practice that gives you the answers, actions, and results that come from your Self, not your Mind. As I spoke on today's show, here is your free gift that will give you a clear understanding of The Message, The Role of the Mind and The Role of the Self.

This is the action to take to begin the practice of Connecting. Click and listen to the links below. 

Connecting is Revolutionary!

It is what is next beyond meditation and mindfulness.

It is simple, easy and natural.

In the beginning when you Connect, you won’t necessarily know the difference in the energy of your Mind versus your Self. As you write down what you get, you will develop a relationship to the words your Mind says, i.e., “should,” “want,” “have to,” and any strong views of the situation.

As you live this as a way of life, you will soon have an awareness of the difference between your Mind and your Self. You will be able to make the switch from what your Mind is saying to you to what your Self is saying to you in any situation.  

Download your Connection and begin to get the answers from your Self that resolves the issues you seek in any area of your life.

Your Connection
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