Every time you’ve trusted your gut, your intuition, it never failed you.

With our tools you can now easily access that part of you, your intuitive Self, for life-altering results.





Reveal how your mind limits areas of your life and release these limitations with our Guided Unplug Audios. In just 5-15 minutes you’ll start getting unstuck in any area of your life.


With our Guided Connection Audios you will hear the guidance and answers from your intuitive Self.  You’ll begin to make decisions and take actions that produce life-altering results, for a life you love.


Use audio exercises to strengthen your ability to live a lifestyle from your intuitive Self. Listen to life-changing Recorded Calls with Indira to get a deeper perspective of living a lifestyle from your intuitive Self, with topics such as ‘shifting your finances from concern to freedom’ and ‘make the shift from draining to energizing relationships.’


Weekly emails

Receive life-altering emails directly from Indira every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with new audio tools.

24/7 Access to a library of tools

Listen to the powerful audios anywhere, anytime.

  • Unplug Audios - to let go of your mind’s limitations
  • Connection Audios - to listen to your intuitive Self
  • Exercises - to live with more freedom
  • Recorded Calls - to dive deeper into topics for your life

Join live lectures with Indira

Dial in to live lecture calls with Indira. Dive into topics for your life, with interactive exercises to release your mind’s limitations and concerns and access answers from your Self.


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My anxiety was the reason my relationship and career were suffering. I would opt to stay home instead of going out with my boyfriend. At work I felt stuck in the same place for years, feeling unappreciated and not recognized for all of my hard work. After I began using these tools my anxiety was replaced with a new sense of confidence in myself. I now enjoy going out and being social which has brought a new level of love and joy into my relationship. I now speak up in meetings and share my ideas at work which has brought me so much growth in my career!
— Jessica
I didn’t feel like my job was a good fit for me (tedious, mundane routine with no learning or growth), and I never knew what I wanted from my life or career. But after joining the program I discovered answers from my intuitive Self that ultimately brought me what I wanted from my life! I am now in the process of changing jobs to a job filled with learning opportunities! I cannot believe how quickly after joining the program my life started changing.

— Lexi
After being married for over 15 years there was little spark left and time just felt like it kept passing us by. I didn’t feel loved or appreciated and everything felt like such a waste of my time and energy. We both started unplugging our mind. The tension and the arguing stopped. And then, the best thing ever happened. A month in, he surprised me with a trip to Greece. He is the last person on the planet to ever plan ANYTHING and so for me, this was pure bliss. I cried and cried and felt so appreciated and loved. I couldn’t believe it – it felt like I was living in my dream of everything I ever wanted. It was such a big shift in our relationship that would never have happened if we didn’t unplug our minds. I honestly am amazed at how quickly we experienced results and how big the results were in my life!
— M.P.


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